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Fun With Facts

Facts are true beliefs. I love scientific facts. They make what we believe in. These facts help us know great things. Some of these facts are compiled here in a quiz.

Let us face these facts and recall some of the forgotten ones. Let us learn of new ones. These are meant to make life easier and bearable to live in. Life can be boring without some spice in it. Quizzes happen to be the spice we need.

Go ahead and enjoy this quiz. Get the facts and enjoy them. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    A human skeleton has a total of how many bones?

    • 204
    • 205
    • 206
    • 207
  • Question of

    Which of the following is the most poisonous?

    • Frog
    • Toad
    • Lizard
    • Salamander
  • Question of

    What might have caused the craters on the moon?

    • Asteroids
    • Meteors
    • Meteorites
    • Earthquakes on the moon
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    How long can a photon take to travel from the core of the sun to its surface?

    • 10,000 years
    • 20,000 years
    • 30,000 years
    • 40,000 years
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    What of a human body can stretch from the sun to Pluto about 17 times?

    • DNA
    • Brain
    • Blood vessels
    • Skin particles
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    What is the largest living structure on earth?

    • The large blue whale
    • The famous goethic dinosaur
    • The great barrier reef
    • The mammoth
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    What is the sun!

    • Solid
    • Liquid
    • Gas
    • Rock
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    How long does a single blood cell take to move to every part of the body?

    • 60 seconds
    • 60 minutes
    • 60 hours
    • 60 days


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