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Currency quiz: Know your Pesos from your Pounds?


How well do you know the world’s currencies? Know your dollars from your pounds? Your pesos from your pesetas? How many halala in your rial? Test your knowledge here and as always share with us all how well or dismally you did 🙂

  • Question of

    What currency does Canada use?

    • dollar
    • pound
    • euro
    • florin
  • Question of

    What is the official plural of ‘euro’?

    • euros
    • euri
    • europae
    • euro
  • Question of

    Which of these countries does NOT use the peso?

    • Philippines
    • Cuba
    • Bolivia
    • Dominican Republic
  • Question of

    Złoty is the currency of…

    • Slovakia
    • Poland
    • Liechtenstein
    • Albania
  • Question of

    The currency of the island state of Madagascar is the ariary, which is divided into how many iraimbilanja?

    • 5
    • 20
    • 100
    • 1000
  • Question of

    Before decimalisation in 1971 the British pound sterling was divided into __ shillings, each of which contained __ pence.

    • 12, 20
    • 10, 24
    • 10, 10
    • 20, 12
  • Question of

    Which country uses the colón?

    • Colombia
    • Curaçao
    • Costa Rica
    • Chile
  • Question of

    Which uses the guilder?

    • Belgium
    • Netherlands
    • Liechtenstein
    • Curaçao
  • Question of

    Is it true that the word ‘dollar’ derives from a German word meaning ‘valley’?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Which does NOT use the dinar?

    • Iraq
    • Mauritania
    • Serbia
    • Tunisia
  • Question of

    Before Portugal adopted the euro, it used which currency?

    • Real
    • Escudo
    • Peseta
    • Lira
  • Question of

    Which Asian nation uses the ngultrum?

    • Bhutan
    • Nepal
    • Laos
    • Kyrgyzstan
  • Question of

    Which nation uses the tögrög, which is divided in 100 möngö?

    • Myanmar
    • Singapore
    • Cambodia
    • Mongolia
  • Question of

    Which country does NOT use the rupee?

    • Mauritius
    • Sri Lanka
    • Bangladesh
    • Seychelles
  • Question of

    100 CFA francs is fixed at 0.152449 euro. CFA francs are official currency in more than a dozen countries in…

    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Caribbean
    • Europe
  • Question of

    The most commonly used currency in Palestine is the shekel. Where else is this currency in use?

    • Israel
    • Lebanon
    • Jordan
    • Egypt


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  1. I got 4 out of 16 right and I was guessing the entire time because I only knew one literal answer. I don’t even know much about currency. I just thought it was just dollars, pesos, euros. And I learned about pounds from watching Doctor Who. Ha ha! Holy cow, so many different ones! I had no idea! I was excited learning that in your quiz, but I couldn’t answer the questions. They were too advanced for me, but I enjoyed taking the quiz anyways. This is a type of quiz aimed at people that have a general prior knowledge about currency around the world, and it’s cool.

    • It was a hard quiz, whatever your prior knowledge 🙂 I suppose that Americans, growing up in such a huge country, have less need to know about foreign currencies (and the rest of the world in general, perhaps). But I remember before the euro came in 2003(?) that you’d have to exchange currencies every few hundred miles as you crossed Europe 😮

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