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Can you guess these technical words?

I bet you’re already using some of these technical terms in your daily life although you don’t know what’s the meaning of these words and acronyms.

Have you ever wondered their meanings? Find out here, play now! It’s easy as 123.

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    DSLR (Device) means

    • Digital Single Lens Reflex
    • Digital Single Lens Reflection
    • Digital Super Lens Reflex
    • Digital Sole Lens Reflection
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    DP (Facebook) means

    • Digital Photo
    • Display Picture
    • Digital Picture
    • Display Portrait
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    PHP (Programming) means

    • Processor HyperText
    • HyperText Processor
    • PreProcessor HyperText
    • Hypertxt Preprocessor
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    HTTP (Browser’s Address Bar) means

    • Hypertransfer Text Protocol
    • HyperText Protocol
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    • Hypertransfer Protocol Text
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    GIF (Picture) means

    • Graphic Interchange Format
    • Graphic Inter Format
    • Graphic Format Interchange
    • Graphic Interformat Change
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    NP (Appreciation) means

    • Nope
    • No Problem
    • Not Possible
    • No Please
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    AIDS (Virus/Disease) means

    • Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome
    • Acquired Internal Disease Virus
    • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    • Acquired Internal Disease Syndrome
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    HTML (Website Development) means

    • Hypertxt Mockup Language
    • Hypertxt Markup Language
    • Hypertxt Mock-up Live
    • Hypertext Markup Live
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    ROFL (Appreciation) means

    • Rolling On Floor Laughing
    • Rolling On Floor Living
    • Rest On Floor Living
    • Rest On Floor Laughing
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    FB (Social Media) means

    • Fuck Buddy
    • Facebook
    • Football
    • First Blood


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