Bio Facts About Alexander the Great

One does not need to be an ardent student of political, military or world history to recognize the name Alexander the Great.  Many historians would likely agree that he was an extraordinary political and military leader.  Some Biblical scholars, particularly those who study the Old Testament prophets, believe that his kingdom was spoken of in the Bible book of Daniel.  Some say he was more than a mere mortal.  He was a God-King.

How well do you know this historical figure?

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    Alexander the Great was the son of:

    • Cecrops, the 1st king of Athens and Theodora, queen of Ethiopia.
    • Croesus, King of Pontus and Laodice, a Greek noblewoman.
    • King Philip II of Macedon and Olympias, princess of Epirus.
    • Leonidas, King of Sparta and Apollonia, an Egyptian priestess.
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    Alexander was born:

    • May 31st – 429 BC in Persia
    • June 19th – 229 BC on the island of Salimis
    • July 21st – 356 BC in Pella
    • January 1st – 725 AD in The Parthenon
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    The name “Alexander” suits this historical military figure. It means:

    • protected by the gods
    • man’s defender, warrior
    • fond of horses
    • he who stands his ground
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    Alexander’s father arranged for his son be to educated by:

    • Aristotle, the Greek philosopher
    • Gamaliel, a Pharisaic scholar
    • Ptolemy, a popular teacher at various Greek schools in Alexandria
    • Hypatia, a female astronomer and mathematician
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    Alexander was trained to be a soldier and became a captain in the Macedonian armies at the age of:

    • Thirty-five (35)
    • Twenty (20)
    • Sixteen (16)
    • He was never a captain; he was a general.
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    Alexander built a city and named it after his war horse to honor his memory. The name of the horse was:

    • Man o’ War
    • Bucephalos
    • Roheryn
    • Maximus
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    Alexander was thrust into the role of King of Greece because:

    • His father abdicated the throne and appointed his son as successor.
    • His father and his older brothers were killed in battle.
    • His father became mentally ill.
    • His father was murdered.
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    Alexander died in Babylon mysteriously at age 33. Three of his generals divided his vast empire amongst themselves. Who were they?

    • Ptolemy, Seleucus; and Antigonus I
    • Philemion, Ptolemy I, and Commodus
    • Philip III, Demosthenes; and Antiochus
    • Gordian, Antigonus and Agrippa
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    Alexander wanted to rule the world and he did succeed in conquering all of the known world during his time. Which quote represents his fearless ambition?

    • “My father will get ahead of me in everything, and will leave nothing great for me to do.”
    • “A fortress can always be taken if only a mule laden with gold can be got inside.”
    • “I am the son of Zeus-Ammon. It is my destiny to rule the world.”
    • “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”


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