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Nothing is neutral

I realized what a super generation we are, all together and each separately. How strongly many differ from their parents and grandparents generation. 

We tend to believe that the flow of history was driven by great leaders. Not really. Each of us influences the earth with our own mindsets, actions, words, and emotions, and that influence flies like circles on the surface of the water. 

Inevitably. Nothing is neutral. Each of us affects the world. And realizing our mission, we must play a role that benefits humanity, living beings, the universe …

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  1. i had a professor that used to say this.

    When they were 18, the previous generation felt their parents were idiots.
    What did you feel at 18, your parents were idiots.
    At 30 the previous generation realized their parents were smart.
    Wait until you are 30.

    I think each generation has its own path.

  2. I guess there is one thing that remains neutral always.

    That is the laws of the Universe, like the law of gravity.

    That probably never changes, but who knows, for sure?

    If the laws do not change, is any other apparent change just an illusion then, or real?

    Is anything really neutral, and unchanging as itself, not affecting anything else, or not?

    Is the change just within, or does the totality of it all change too, somehow, and grow itself differently too, in other words, does God, if he exists, change too?

    The world says that everything changes, and yet the truth might be rather that nothing changes.

    All is just the rearranging of the insides of the world; the outerness is fixed as it is by laws unchanging, but all else changes, or is seen to be changing, as this allows perhaps an extra factor to emerge, as churning the mix, constructs an add-on of consciousness, that then knows itself, from its changing, or reaching deeper into itself, through this constant churning, mixing together, or changing of what is in the pudding bowl of “God’s”.

    The pudding bowl remains the same pudding bowl though, perhaps forever.

  3. Apparently if you grow a plant from the leaf of the same type of plant, although it looks the same it is different.
    I have 2 former budgies and their personalities very different, and the 3rd budgie Rui is different from both of these.


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