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Robin Biznis March 5 Belgrade, Serbia

Greetings to everyone after illness and eye surgery is here again to hang out with you.I’m asking you relatively easy questions today.I hope that you will know the answers and that it will be fun.So let’s start.

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    Karl Gustav Jung was in his career?

    • Journalist
    • Pianist.
    • Psychologist
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    Which heavenly body from the earth is seen every 76 years?

    • Jupiter
    • Pluton
    • Hale’s comet
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    Agnostic is a man who believes in?

    • Believer
    • Atheist
    • Agnostic involves skepticism towards religious beliefs.
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    The American president, who was killed in a theater in Wasington in 1865 when the assassination was carried out, was called:?

    • Lindon B. Johnson
    • .John F. Kennedy
    • .Abraham Lincoln
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    The island of Corsica belongs to:?

    • France
    • Italy
    • Monaco
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    Which picture is not the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

    • Sunflowers
    • Bursting Poppy
    • Cereal field with cypresses
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    River Dnieper flows into?

    • .Azov Sea
    • Black sea
    • Baltic Sea
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    Mountain “Zlatibor” is located in?

    • Bulgaria
    • Serbia
    • Bosnia


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    • I’m sorry I’m late with the answer. Today, I’m reviewing all of my articles from the beginning and responding to missed answers. Thank you.
      I really did not answer you many times.
      Unbreakable on my side.
      Otherwise a good result.

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