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Your Reflection ~ Thursday Reflection

When you see your reflection on something, you are reminded to reflect that subject on everything. When you have done everything you can to do it but it doesn’t work, it is time to realize that you have done it all the time.

Reflections from something can usually be seen on a clear surface, but that does not mean that you cannot see your reflection on various things.

In fact, you can see a reflection of your actions from faces who smile happily or they cry because they suffer. Or to loyal friends and vice versa. You can even see the reflection from the plants in your garden.

  • Can you see your reflection on everything around?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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          • Is commenting to post considered chatting? Is thinking not chatting (at least with one’s self)? The issue of not loading properly. Now the Twitter share is not loading.

          • Do divers do not think Professor? I think they still do. And though one may not talk, it does not mean that person is in silence. Only when the mind has no thought that one can say he or she is quiet ?

        • Hahaha… You or we are very funny … Sometimes when I am joking about symbolic things, you talk about physical, but when I talk physically about you and me, you talk symbolically or in certain meaning… For sure I can’t present you in my mind so that I can chat with you in my mind, but of course, I can chat with myself, without blup… blup… blup…?

          • Well and that is the reason why Shams said that more than half of the world’s problems are rooted from linguistic expression. My mind has that queer way of shifting that sometimes (or should I say oftentimes?) the person I am talking with cannot understand me. I think it is a habit coz I do not notice it except when I am asked why I answer the way I answered.

            My first reference about diving was, you are right, symbolic. The last is both symbolic and physical. I do not know how to dive and using the snorkel is something I never learn. So to enjoy the fishes, I would hold my breath for as long as I can and submerged my head underwater. While underwater and seeing the fishes, I still think and react at how beautiful they are. That is why I said that it is likely the head is never quiet ?. See, explaining takes a lot of words ?

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