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Have you ever been an owner of the business?

Today afternoon I met with a friend for tea. We were talking about the professional changes that are going on in my life and the monetary issues involved. Because she wants to start a business but fears she is too old for that.

I don’t prioritize money all my life – first of all, creativity and fun, and then naturally, money comes from it. Only from less defined paths, i.e. not a constant salary at the end of the month.

I have tried the opposite. I already mentioned here that changed profession and even starting working on myself, at one point. I got tired and scared the burden of uncertainty and wanted a lighter, more confident and all-other-better life. I went to work for the agency ruled by another owner. It was the worst of 3 months. No matter why, the essence – then I realized that freedom, the ability to choose who I work with and what ideas I believe in are more precious to me than anything else.

As I grew up, I made a name for myself and realized that there is nothing more pleasing to me on this earth than working for myself and creating beauty not only for myself but for others.

My friend asked me did my fears of uncertainty and fears for tomorrow disperse? Yes, like a fog. You know, that uncertainty is OK, I feel better with it than doing work only out of fear for future and disbelief in myself, which takes me away from a time devoted to creative work. I choose to believe in myself.

What about finances? I will not earn a castle in France or yacht, but it’s let me live the life I want. So, never fear to start doing what your heart calls you to. There will be bad times, and it will teach you to plan your expenses, but finally, success will smile to you if you will be enough persistent. And no matter what your age is. 

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