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Wild Turkey

Have you ever seen a wild turkey in your yard? It is amazing to see the families all around my home. They have their babies and seem to travel in family groups. I managed to capture this one at my fence.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Oh yes I saw a wild turkey just outside my back door not too long before winter. I could not believe how big those things are. I have seen of course raccoons, either alone or mother with babies, a deer once that was going towards the apple tree, a black bear (this was a long time ago and behind our old backyard fence so at least not too close), and several more common animals like skunks, squirrels of course and birds and hares. You were lucky to get such a great picture of that wild turkey. I try to snap some photos of the wildlife around me but they always seem to scurry away before I manage to get my cell out.