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Why is The shamrock – St. Patrick’s teaching tool?

 This three-leafed clover is very important in Irish legend in the spread of Christianity. It concerns St. Patrick as he tried to educate the Celts on the Holy Trinity, but they could not understand what he was trying to say to them. St. Patrick saw a clover before him and decided to use it to explain the three strands of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as one. The Celts finally understood what he meant, and that’s how the shamrock became so important in Irish history.


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  1. So many legends, that St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland (too cold for most snakes). The mix of legends makes him seem bigger than life.

    But the clover remains huge. Need to find luck in the 4 leaf clover!

  2. It was lucky that he found just a three-leafed clover.

    I wonder what he would have done if he had found a more lucky four-leaved one instead…lol…

    Perhaps the fourth leaf would represent God’s creation.

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