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Where is the mulberry bush?

I remember singing the nursery rhyme ‘Here we go round the  mulberry bush’ but in fact when I was looking for a bush I came across the mulberry tree. 

I was wondering why no one took up this issue and scrapped that rhyme.  I have two mulberry trees both came from cuttings that my neigbour gave me. 

They are easy to grow and yield profusely.  What grows in our garden does not have a big size but they are quite sweet when they turn black. 

This fruit, besides eating, can be used for making juice, wine and jam.  I tried all this and was quite successful.   

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Written by grace


  1. They look rather like blackberries only a slightly different shape. I have never even seen them on sale here but apparently they are grown in the London area of the UK mostly.

  2. Those mulberries look really good. I love these berries they are delicious. I had them in Latvia and in Latvian the mulberry tree is zidkoks and the berries zidkoka ogas.