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When revisiting old “works” …

But as a respond to what and who, I can’t really remember …

Anyway … I was just looking back at my “old” HDD and saw some old “comics” I did… I used to enjoy making them till it became a source of “stress”… Why stress? Because it wasn’t easy to be “funny” nor is it easy to create the graphics in a way which pleases the eyes and expectations… I still make comic strips once in a while when I have good ideas/inspirations.

Well, also recently, a kind friend here, Carol, visited some of my older posts … especially my older quizzes … and in order to respond to her comments, I re-visited my older posts/quizzes too… It’s a well, “special” feeling …

Back then Virily wasn’t so strict and we enjoyed a lot more freedom… I’ve little “stress” on word limits and I seems to be more creative” (or experimental) with my quizzes/posts. After long, I seems to find more restrictions (both from the site and from myself and other things). But restrictions aren’t all bad, sometimes we need some of them to set things right. But if it’s double-standard then I’ll say its better we do away with it!

Perhaps, I or we fall into the “expected behaviour curse” … or perhaps coz we cared too much about each other and Virily … we ended up acting more “appropriately” … it’s not a bad thing, because we should be thinking for others … but sometimes we lose the most “fun” selves. It’s a balance we have to find…

Anyway, I was just getting a little random “emo” so yeah … Anyway, I’m grateful for friends here! You guys are great!

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    Do revisiting old works and posts brings (back) lots of emotions?

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    • No
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    Have you gotten help in any way from someone on this site?

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    Can you find that balance?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t care about it
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    How important are rules? 1-not important, 5-VERY important

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    Do you get emo at times?

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  1. I am actually not sure what you mean here…, what restrictions and rules…..?
    I also like the comics, they are very interesting, and, of course, being an artist/creator can be stressful but in a positive way…

    I agree about the “appropriate” part and yes, I guess we have to find the balance even though it’s much better when being natural…

    I was visiting your old posts recently too just wasn’t commenting all…..

    • Some things are on my part … I “feel” the restrictions and when the word and minimum questions limit rules came out, things becomes a little harder for me…
      I’m so glad you enjoy the comics! And yes, it better and more comfortable being natural but at times as I mentioned, we need to twig ourselves a little to cater to others.

      Thanks for visiting my older posts, I appreciate it. 🙂

      • OK, I can understand that, I guess that affected all of us in a way…
        Yes, they are interesting and well illustrated… I just understood like you were/are very much frustrated about all of these…..? :/ I know, I understand….. 😐

        OK, I think you know when it was… 😉

  2. All the work I do online I save up in files on my PC. After a long time goes by I use these old articles for further inspiration and if they are no longer published somewhere online I find some of them useful to create new articles.

    • Thank you, Pamela, so glad you like the comic!
      We’re all human. We have emotions, it’s good you don’t lose it.
      find ways to let them out, If we bottle them too much… there’ll be an eruption.

  3. What an adorable comic! 😍😄
    You can’t force the inspiration, neither can I. It’s nice Virily allows us to create different kinds of content. I had my phase with quizzes, now I’m making new things such as lists with photos. And controversial polls. 😅
    I believe the quality of my posts tends to decrease with time because I get more confident, but I feel like Virily has been an exception.
    Visiting older posts is like looking at photographs of our childhood. It’s a mixture of good memories and embarrassing moments. They can also work as an inspiration. For example, they inspired you to make this poll, and that’s a great thing. 😊

    • Thank you, glad you like my comic 😀
      You’re right, there is quite some variety here, but as someone greedy, I hoped for more or at least more ‘control’ when posting… :p (Like maybe allowing images in the content body of polls and quizzes too so that explaining certain things/rules is easier)
      I’m pretty “stuck” (loyal) to a few, typically polls and quizzes … I hardly venture out, although I tried a few others previously… now I’m sticking to polls … :p

      I know what you mean… I’ve a HDD with stuffs I wanna BURN!!! BURN THEM ALL!! … but there are some which made me smile … or realise some things 🙂

      • Polls are the most popular, because they give the highest amount of virils, and they require less effort compared to quizzes. I would definitely post more polls if there weren’t the restrictions you talk about. 😌

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