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What did the kids do when there was no school lesson today?

I always think we can always learn even though we are not attending school or class, or sitting on the chair and listening to the lessons. Kids have always been learning at home even before they go to school.

It’s our cleaning day, and our living room was really messy, so we decided to take the time to declutter and clean it up. I think it’s always good for the kids, and even adults to learn how to declutter and organize, and of course later we will need to maintain the clean and organized home. It’s also good for us to work together as a team, to take care of our home together. My two younger kids fell in love in vacuuming though they usually do not like the noise of vacuuming.

The kids helped to prepare our lunch too. I am grateful for them to offer big help in the kitchen. I can slowly let them in charge of our meals pretty soon, and I can be there just to guide them.

They also did some yard work in the evening. They played in the yard, then cleaned up the yard and also did some gardening work.

Of course, besides the house work, they did have lots of free play time as well. We also went to the park and they played with their friends in the playground.

Though we didn’t do any formal lessons today, the kids learned how to do some important work which will be good in their life – decluttering, cleaning, preparing meals, gardening, etc. Contributing and team work are important as well.

What do you usually do when you have no work or school?

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    • Yes, I agree with this. I had quite low self esteem when I was younger as I didn’t know how to do much work, including house work. I was not guided or trained to help out a lot at home, but I was told to concentrate on my studies which I don’t think should be the case now. 😛

    • Of course, there are many different parenting styles, and I believe each of us have different preferences too. Perhaps I was not asked to do the house work when I was young, I was lacking of confidence because I didn’t know how to do all those work, and now I think it’s good to let my kids learn how to do these work and take care of the family too.

    • I always think we should. I think life skills are more important than academic. I don’t mind if my kids don’t have high score, but I would like them to know how to cook, take care of the home and also the younger siblings. 😛

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