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Kids’ Art Project: Making agamograph

I have just found an agamograph template online and think my kids might find it interesting. I downloaded the template and asked my kids to just color the picture alternatively. I think it isn’t really easy to color different images alternatively if we are not paying attention. Finally, they made it and they liked it too. At first I didn’t know how to view the different images before it’s colored, it’s easy to see the pictures when they are colored. I downloaded the day and night template, hence it’s nice to see the sun and moon from different angles.

I went and searched what agamograph is and found that it’s a series of images that change at different angles. The name, agamograph is named after an Israeli sculptor and artist, Yaacov Agam.

I think it’s a fun art project for kids to do. They can first do the coloring, then folding the paper and viewing from different angles. At first I thought it only involves 2 images in a paper. It’s actually not. I just found a 4-seasoned agamograph template which combines four images into one. I am going to download it and let my kids have fun with it.

Would you like to have some fun with agamograph?

Picture was taken by me and edited using GetStencil app.

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