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Big Life Kids Podcast: Stories for kids to develop growth mindset

My eldest son has been listening to this Big Life Kids Podcast since it started in May. This podcast is produced by Big Life Journal, a journal or a website that helps kids to develop growth mindset. The journal or website is awesome, but now I want to share more about the podcast.

They have just completed the season 1 with 10 episodes. In every episode, they will tell a story and introduce a living hero. Kids will learn more about growth mindset values from the stories, such as gratitude, resilience, persistence, etc. There is also episode guide accompanying each episode, so we can work on more about that episode with the kids.

Sometimes I think it’s easier to teach the kids Math or history, but I would like the kids to learn more about good values. It’s better to let them learn through a more interesting way, than just lecture them. My eldest son has been begging for the new episode every week. Besides learning more about growth mindset and good values, I think it’s good for him to practice his English listening skill as well. This has become part of our homeschool curriculum now.

I would like to find out more podcasts that are suitable for my kids. Do you have any recommendations?

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    • It’s listening. You can check out more information from this link:

      You can hear the podcasts via SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast, or even on that link I shared here. The first season was over, you can still listen to them. The new season is coming in November.

      There are also other guide that goes with each podcast episode, so perhaps you can also work them out together with your kids. 🙂

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