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What can women talk about all day?

Where do they get the chat topics from?

It took 20 minutes to find out where the house was, which windows, which staircase. The next 20 minutes discussed the kitchen (which neither had seen) and how well that the kitchen was separate from the living room.

The remaining 20 minutes are for a hot discussion on the subject of bedrooms and toilet. The café even echoed from their chats. When they came out, it became too quiet.

And I honestly admired it, even if at first glance those conversations seem like about nothing. After all, it is not the knowledge and the scientific facts that matter the most – the time we spend with friends is much more important to us.

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  1. These days very little knowledge is exchanged – thanks to the Internet we get all what we want – and therefore there is bound to be less conversation (lol)

  2. I guess it depends on the relationship of people, not just women, about the topics they could talk about. For best friends they normally talk about their common activities.

  3. Is a mere male allowed to answer? If so, I would say that the art of listening is one that is sadly neglected these days! Too many people – male and female – are much more ready to talk than to listen.

  4. I have always been quite talkative since I was young. I can talk for hours, especially if I meet someone who talks a lot too. Well, I think some men talk a lot too! 😀