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The truths about people are not found in books, nor in psychology textbooks. The truth about human nature comes from life. Sometimes you have to fall very low to experience life with all your emotions. Experience it all by yourself. To find out what is important and what it is worth.

People are like dreams. They will be with you tonight, but tomorrow they will leave you alone in the dark. You will remember beautiful dreams for a long time, nightmares too, and the rest of your dreams are clear as water flowing between your fingers and mean little.

We don’t need superficial, empty relationships. We need real feelings that can reach the depths of our hearts. We do not want a world of plastic where human souls are falsified as gems. We don’t want people who want to shine like diamonds, but they are just a small counterfeit of what is valuable.

I think almost everyone can enchant by words, but not by action. Life has taught me to guard against manipulation. From many words without any meaning. As soon as my mind wonders, “What does he want from me?” – I know this does not promise any good and I need to get away from that person as soon as possible.

Don’t let anyone would manipulate you. You know, there are people who just care about manipulation. Their manipulation is like chains that wind you up and prevent you from spreading your wings to reach the sky. You feel it. So grab beloved hands.

Let’s throw away bad energy from ourselves or switch to something good and still shine in the true light of our hearts. Let’s shine with love. This is now much needed by the whole world. And for us as well.

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  1. I think you can get truths about people in books – otherwise would be the point of writing biographies? What you are less certain about is getting the WHOLE truth, which is possibly the point you are trying to make?

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