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Personal space

The events of recent weeks and the general situation in the world are increasingly thought-provoking and remind us all of the potentially forgotten personal space and its importance in life. We are experiencing a period when we are more with ourselves, in ourselves, in our narrow circle, in our own space …

I would metaphorically equate a person with a certain box or any beautiful thing that can open and close. Therefore, I chose the box metaphor. It is sweeter to me. It is the inside of a person, his personal life, feelings, emotions, habits, thoughts, situations and absolutely everything else related to him, his daily life.

That box holds absolutely all of his individual being. She is not as small as she looks. She is extraordinarily and mysteriously deep. Its actual capacity is not measured. It contains not only things visible to the naked eye, expressed in their own way on the outside, but also the whole subconscious of man, his secret desires, the unexpressed inner state, and so on. It contains even all the past lives and all the previous journeys and experiences of his soul. No one is destined to see everything a person places in it. Although he himself does not always know what he has added there.

And how much a person does not yet know himself.  How many things he forgot – previous stories, experiences, or even some people, once met. But with a good search, if you want, you can find it all. In the same, beautiful, small box.  

Only when opened can one see whether it is a box of treasure (wisdom and beautiful values) or a container full of spam and garbage (jealousy, pride, negative traits). Or maybe a Pandora’s box? Everyone’s values, like fingerprints, are different. And the treasure, the jewels are understood differently by everyone, just as not everyone sorts the garbage. 

The most important thing is the privacy of the human box, personal space. That is what the world reminds us of. It is important to maintain and respect it during this difficult period. It stores our energy, our inner strength, like a spirit. If we waste it too much, we waste energy on unnecessary experiences, meaningless bursts – we are invisibly exhausted and weakened, both physically and spiritually.

When a person is open to everyone in any way and without boundaries, “carrying” everything from home about himself and his environment, then there is no so-called invisible secret left. So .. I come back to the thought, however, of how important it is to respect your own and someone else’s personal space.

After all, no one likes it when someone enters a room or office without knocking. When people get too close to you, or worse, want to enter your heart. Or when a stranger touches you and so on.

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  1. I need personal space even more during lockdown. My partner doesn’t know who to do basic actions with the cimputer and I am tired of him telling me to help him, 5 or 10 times a day. So yesterday I said no. And he had a hissy fit.

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