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Is the young look important?

The youth is great. It is wonderful – it is beauty and poetry. But young people’s expectations are mixed. We probably like to look at beautiful persons. But it is not enough to be beautiful; the whole posture,  inner elegance – people read it all.

What do you think we lose when we chase the youth and outward beauty? I think, the most important thing – peace of our soul.

In my opinion,  the happiest and most beautiful person is the one who doesn’t really care about how he looks. 

I think a very dangerous fashion now came – to imitate someone or follow. If your parents really want you to be a doctor, but you really like carving wood, you still carve it at the end of your life just having a useless diploma. Of course, if you have the wisdom and courage.

There is actually a time when you start thinking. It becomes clear and understandable that there is only one value in life – people, feelings, emotions, and what binds us together. And everything else is just the conditions for all of that to exist.

If in your youth you once thought your neighbor’s grass was greener, now it seems to me that mine is the greenest, I feel happy np matter how green it is.

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