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Never go down

Does someone want to see you smaller than you are?  Does someone want to deny you, prove your mistakes, like theorems you can’t understand? Someone wants to disbelieve you because they hope to finally see their advantage? Someone is not living their life happily, so analyzing yours? Let them do it. But don’t go down.

Because “down” is where gossip, bullying, deliberations begin. Down is where we stick labels for others with all sorts of mistakes names. Down is where we want to see the others being even more down.

Do not give your attention, emotions or feelings to those who are looking for strangers’ mistakes. See your way and be the light that leads you out of the darkness. Don’t stumble over failures, and learn from them. Seek inspiration. Take the path for yourself and build it. Do not put foreign stones in your pockets – otherwise, you will slowly and hardly reach your destination.

Grow up, don’t be small because someone wants to see you like that. Life is not given to someone to stay in one spot.

There are many wonderful, inspiring people around who will listen to you and encourage you. You can be them too. Be it. Just no way – don’t go down.

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