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Sometimes the most beautiful bloom you find turns out to be a weed. Our perception of the weed can actually put in into a different category. A weed to one may not be considered a weed to another person. 

Sort of like people. There are those who try to dominate, create their own rules, diminish other’s beliefs and opinions, push their attitudes and egos on others. I weed these people out of my life. They become more of a clutter and hindrance. 

Interestingly I read an article recently that talked about egos and attitudes. The article defined ego as an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others. This is not a good way to treat and influence others. We all have the right to our own beliefs and opinions. Always remember that. You will see wolves in sheep’s clothing. Sometimes things and people are not who they appear to be.

You have to be wise and keep you eyes and ears open to notice subtlety. Like the weed in this photo for example. At first I saw a tiny little purple bloom and dismissed it as another weed. Then I took another look and saw a beautiful purple bloom. Life is all about our perception.

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    Do you agree weeds can be as beautiful as other flowers?

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    Have you interacted with someone who was trying to be someone or something they are not?

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Your weed is a special looking one. What if the weed like person is a family member? That would be hard to stay away from altogether. I try to stay around positive people, but most of the people I know just do not know how to count their blessing, and be more positive.

    • Unfortunately I have family members I no longer stay in touch with. It is a very long story my friend. Sometimes those you think will be there for you turn their backs and judge your actions when you need them the most. Very hurtful. And I keep positive people around me so the others will not drag me down.

      Life is too short for such unnecessary drama in our lives. Just my opinion of course.

  2. I have a problem with weeds because it’s wild and not in accordance with the concept of the garden or the surface of the ground in my bonsai pot.
    I know that various types of weeds beside beautiful, also have various benefits as medicinal plants, but still, I do not want it because it is not in accordance with the concept of beauty in as my perception specify.
    But the problem was over since I kept and care them in a separate section in the park and moved them all there if they grew in other places than just pulling them away and throwing them away like trash.

  3. Weeds can have their own beauty – there is one weed that is often used in making flower bouquets…
    I agree with the wolf in sheep’s clothing, too much examples in life…
    And yes, life is about perception. But many times, our perceptions are pretty “fixed” due to our background/experiences.

  4. I couldn’t answer the last question. I know my heart, who and I and what I stand for and believe. At long as I stay true to my heart and beliefs it shouldn’t matter what others think. I have heard people describe me in terms that I don’t feel are accurate. I sometimes feel that people have not read what I said and that is why they don’t understand.

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