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Walk on the beach

You surely have already noticed that I am a beach lover and I enjoy share with you all that I learn about it. There are several benefits of going for walks on the beach, according to the American Medical Daily publication there are four excellent advantages to the well being of the body and mind:

1. Get vitamin D – Vitamin D is key to improving calcium absorption and strengthening bones. However, 90% of this vitamin is acquired by the body through exposure to the sun and only 10% is absorbed through the diet. So imagine how a 20 minute walk in the early morning, preferably before 10 o’clock, when the sun becomes more harmful, can do well for your body.During this short 20-minute period and at the times indicated, doctors recommend not using sunscreen so that nutrient production is not hampered by lotion. However, people with very clear skin should always apply protection and reduce the time and frequency of exposure to the sun. Hats and hats can also be good choices. Oh, and do not forget to stay hydrated!

2. Burn more calories – Did you know that you burn more calories when you practice physical activity in the sand? Researchers say that this difference is 60% greater than on hard floors, such as sidewalks or tarmac. The reason for this is that by stepping on the soft floor, the foot sinks and forces the lower muscles to make a greater effort to move.

3. Improves motor coordination – As the surface of the sand is uneven, the body will be forced to make constant adaptations to keep in the correct position. This creates more balance, strength, speed and flexibility, which provides greater motor coordination.However, pay attention to the choice of tennis and avoid those of heavy soles. The flexible ones facilitate contact with the sand and increase the balance. Also, some doctors recommend going barefoot when it comes to just walking on the beach.

4. Controls stress – Physical exercise, in general, increases the levels of hormones related to well-being and allows for greater relaxation of the mind. However, getting in touch with nature by walking on the beach doubles the likelihood of well being.People who spend more time outdoors and in contact with nature, especially on the beach, are less likely to suffer from conditions associated or triggered by stress, such as anxiety and depression.

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