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Wacky Wednesday – loving monkeys

Sometimes, often under the same sky, we all look for our happiness. In short moments, or perhaps due to the fate of the stars, our paths intersect, wave side by side, and later divide. They set apart to meet again or to wave alone forever.

Separation is sometimes sad, but it is not bad, it is more freedom for your inner strength to grow not in the shadow of someone else but in relying on the strength of your roots.

Each of us has our own path and our own destination to which we are heading. Mostly we travel each of our journeys individually, trying to make friends with ourselves so that we can be strong enough at the intersection of the roads: to wave alongside or part away.

The same rule applies to animals. Their paths also intersect or stand apart, sometimes they make friends, sometimes go their paths alone. 

In nature, you rarely see monkeys alone, these creatures like to go their life path by flocks. 

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