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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the need for graphics processing power

The explosion of AR/VR capabilities is on the horizon now. The business application of AR is tremendous. The easy button, fastest deployment, is education. Every classroom should have the AstroReality products (Earth, Moon and Solar System) in the classroom for interaction. But museums, which for years have struggled with having enough people to share the great stories are also big winners with AR. Technicians, people that fix and solve specific problems greatly benefit from AR. That is the thing that many people didn’t think was critical in the Apple Product monuments of early September. The changes for the A12 chip that has the most impact was the addition of additional graphics processing.

It is all about processing graphics when you consider AR/VR solutions. In particular, faster processing allows the phone to act as a great AR client. It means that graphics capability is going to be pushed harder tomorrow than it has been in the past few years. The amount of data and how you embed that data becomes critical. The barcode or QR code doesn’t contain the data. IT contains a web link to the information. The graphics processing is both connecting to a web page, after redirection, and then presenting that information. The information, be it video or audio is streamed from the remote location, but the local device has to be able to process that information fast enough.

All of this said the phone of today can handle AR. It is fully capable of delivering the overall experience. What you gain is the ability to have more and more content. The line between AR/VR can be blurred with more processing power. One of my favorite types of VR implementation is the interactive real-world experience. There is one, that truly is interesting the VR helicopter tour of Las Vegas. It is a real helicopter tour, but in the VR world, you can do a lot more. The other interesting VR/AR merge is the tour of the Apollo 11 capsule It is a real world (AR) application of a virtual experience (VR) and the merger is really quite impressive. Finally, I’ve mentioned before the exceptional AstroReality application of AR. A physical model of the moon, with AR triggers. All of these, require more and more capability on your device going forward.

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    • It is coming – you can actually start seeing more and more AR content in the market now. Virtually any smartphone can interact with the content. You need a little more graphics horsepower (newer smartphone) to interact with the more complex stuff.

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