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Virily payment proof for October 2019

Even before the month could end our Dashboard was updated and payments made 

 Virily rocks!!!.

This is my fourth payment since I joined in July, 2019 and I hope I will do justice to the site by posting quality content and help others earn by responding and commenting on their activity. 

The changes that we see in the format has one good thing I notice and that is we do not have to refresh for images to appear.  There is also the delete option which is a good thing. Hopefully,  there will be other improvements too and that I will have to find out as I make use of the different features that may have been changed easing better navigation. 

Hope Virily will grow in strength and stay on for years. 

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  1. Wow, four payments in four months! That’s quite impressive. And yes, you are right, publicizing payments on here will help encourages others to stick around. There are too many scam websites out there.


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