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Valuable Lessons ~ Thursday Reflections

This photo was taken about ten days ago in the parking lot of a tennis court around the housing. As soon as I got out of the car, in the glass of the next car there was a clear reflection that looks quite impressive. Realizing the opportunity to post something for Thursday, I shot the reflection several times with my cellphone camera before stepping into the tennis court.

I should have been able to post this picture last week, unfortunately, something else has succeeded in diverting the time allotment that I should have used to interact here and other times for various other important things. Well, indeed many unexpected things can happen in life, whether positive or negative. Even so, realizing that life is learning, then all things certainly give valuable lessons. One of the ancient Javanese philosophies says, “Sing eling lan waspodo” means that life must always be remembered, always conscious, awake and alert. I am sure you can understand the meaning, and know that on that basis, we will not be reactive to the things that come to us or we go.

Auch… My apology if this description does not match the reflection photo above. Also if my visit to your posts is decreasing lately till some time to come.

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  1. You have to deal with unexpected things in your life … so far I’m doing pretty well … you are also involved in tennis … great … I tried several times, but tennis is not exactly my virtue


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