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Use old tires

Tires have always been a big headache for recycling and landing, and that’s why we show you this list – I’m tricks how to re-use tires that you no longer need. So naturally we protect the nature because these tires do not end up in the landfill. If you have more car tires, you can make interesting decorations for your garden. You can treat little children with swings or children’s polygons, or treat yourself with bowls for flowers.

Tires are a major problem for the environment. It takes several hundred years for a single tire to be broken down. Use old tires, protect the environment and at the same time beautify your garden with rubber bowls for plants. You can color them with clear colors, fill the garden with soil and plant your favorite flowers. You can make interesting and decorative shapes with plants, which will be a unique decor in your garden. With the help of rubber cans, you can create beautiful chairs and tables for your balcony, and you can also use them as a storage space.

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  1. I agree with all the above comments. Tires are, as you mentioned, an ecological disaster making detritus. But they can be used as plant holders, as swings, as outdoor decorations of all types. In South America, they fashion shoes out of them which has taken its hold in North America, although our tire shoes are not really made out of tires here in Canada. But it was a very innovative idea in South America.

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