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Until we are here, memories will be with us…

Who am I? Am I the one who climbed up the rock a few months ago? The photo says, yes, but if I cover my face, I don’t know. I don’t remember that dizzying height, maybe just the sweet feeling in the heart that I have done it.

Am I the one who was swimming in the cold sea yesterday until my fingers fell numb from the cold? One who saw the sun’s rays under the water and thought that would never forget. But the fingers warmed up, and everything was gone.

And after a couple of days, I’ll be the woman who meets my children at the home door. We will have a fun day full of talks about the magical world, full of laugh, kisses, and hugs, and then, I will kiss them at the door again and my heart squeezes painfully as they will dissolve in the night darkness.

How long will those moments live in me? How long will those moments live in me? Will I ever be able to recover them after years?

Things get lost, break, get old, and here the memories are beautifully stacked and with time, they only become more beautiful and more expensive. Until I am, the memories will be with me, right?

© Fortune, 2009

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