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Tulip Poplar ~ Nature Tuesday

Sharing a tulip poplar bloom from one of my backyard trees. I have two tulip poplars. When I first got them I had no idea they would bloom. And when I saw the tulip shaped blooms I realized where the name of the tree originated.

The birds enjoy the seeds inside blooms. And this tree is the tallest North American hardwood tree.

Interesting trivia I learned about this tree: 

Early settlers called the tulip tree “canoe wood” and harvested it for ships, paper mills and construction. 

Fossils of the tulip tree show that it once circumscribed the northern hemisphere, growing in Europe and Asia in prehistoric ages. Native Americans used the tulip tree to treat infections, and early 

European explorers were astounded by the height. Botanists sent collected trees back to Europe, where the climate agreed with the tulip poplar. It is now the most popular American tree in European gardens.

I always enjoy learning about what is around me. Birds, flowers and trees. Nature has so much to offer us to learn about. These two trees shade most of my backyard.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM