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To buy or not to buy?

I always have this question before I make a purchase decision.

If it’s something I really need, I will go for it. But, it’s not something really needed.

If I can’t afford it, I will just ignore it. But, the cost is still within what I can pay for.

If it’s something I can wait, I might just wait until I really need it or it goes on sales. But, it’s on sales now, and it’s 98% off. I am always tempted when it has discount, especially huge discount!

Will I really use it? Most probably yes, especially if I have time and motivation, as it’s something I am interested in learning.

Is there a better option? Probably no, especially at this low price.

There are 4 more hours to go for the early bird bonus. It’s $22.20 for lots of eCourses and eBooks about healthy living. Perhaps I just work harder on Virily and other sites to make that amount of money, and also study hard on those eCourses and eBooks.

I am still deciding….


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