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I just bought a few books, again…

I just visited Book Depository and bought three books. I just bought a few books of Lord of The Rings series last month, and now I just spent some money on books again.

While I am learning about minimalism, I know I should not buy so many books. I know I can still find some resources online or borrow the books from the library. I haven’t find a library nearby where I can get books that I want as these are not really popular books. I need these books as I am planning for my eldest’s fifth grade next year. I will need these books for a few months for planning and teaching, and I would like to refer them whenever I need them. Moreover, I have three kids who will be using these books. I think some lesson books for them are still necessary.

Well, perhaps these are all my excuses. With these excuses, I have to work harder to earn some money before I can buy some books again next time. 😛


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