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Book shopping again…

I bought a parenting book last week, and I just ordered a few books from Book Depository again. Part of my online earnings was gone. 😛

I am reading the series of The Chronicles of Narnia, and my eldest son has already finished reading them. I suddenly thought it might be good to introduce him The Lord of The Rings. I didn’t know there are other books related to this trilogy, such as The Hobbit and many others too. I have bought five books, besides the trilogy, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion as they are in great discount now.

I think I will have to work harder online, so I can buy more books.

What book are you currently reading?


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  1. Hi! It is very good that you are suggesting books for your son.
    In the time of computers, laptops, tv and easy entertainment it is an achievement to have children who enjoy reading..
    I am currently reading the History of Crete (my island)

    • My son is already 10 years old, and I think it’s good time to start reading novels. I think kids will like to read when they see parents reading often, though I use computer very often too. 😛

      The book you read sounds interesting. It’s interesting to read the story about where you stay. I didn’t know Crete until I searched more about it after you mentioned it. So it’s an island in Greece, right? We are going to study Greek Myth next year. We might read some history about Greece as well. Maybe I will look for History of Crete too.

      • Do you mean Greek Myth in school?
        Our kids learn Mythology at the age of 8-9 years old, when history is entered in their lessons at school.
        It is amazing what these guys would come up with, so many thousands of years ago ….

        • Which country are you from? I don’t remember I studied Mythology in school, I am not sure about the kids nowadays.

          I homeschool my children, and I am trying to follow the Waldorf Education approach. They are learning Norse Myth in Grade 4 and Greek Myth in Grade 5. I never learned this before I am preparing the lessons for my eldest son. It’s really interesting to read the stories, and I always find it amazing too.

  2. The book I am currently “listening” to while driving is the Blue Ocean Strategy.
    (I listen to books during my commute each day).

    I have read every book Tolkien ever wrote! Silmarillion is also good. Lost tales of the Elves and well there are so many others!

    Good on your reading and challenging your son to read more!!!!

    The reality of learning is it is life long.

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