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To be proud of your country

How we sometimes lack it, the pride for ourselves, our city or village, our culture, our heritage, our country, etc.

We are tiny drops of rain country in the vast ocean of the world, but that does not mean that we are drowning unnoticed and that we cannot cause the right and big waves.

Let us be proud of who we are, both personally and in the broad sense. With pride and love – the wishes to you from tiny Lithuania.

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  1. I am quietly proud of my country, New Zealand. It is not of great importance in this world but we have a unique place in the world and enjoy life and simple things.
    It is not perfect but there are good things to enjoy in life here.

  2. If your country is your HOME ~ a place where you felt treasured and cherished; where you were given the opportunity to live your life in peace, to be happy, to live up to your potential, and to accomplish good things to contribute to the wellbeing of all of the citizens, then it goes beyond being proud. YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY. You would be willing to die for your country in order to preserve it for future generations. Patriotism = Love + Pride.

  3. This is a bit complicated for me. Everyone should be proud of their country. That pride doesn’t mean that one must be blindly proud of everything one’s country does. Sometimes love for one’s country has to include criticism of its actions and demands that one fights very hard, and very openly to change what one feels is wrong. Yes, you can have pride in your country and your country can still be so wrong that criticism and activism becomes a duty. A duty that comes from pride.

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