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Themes by month ~ Why is water so important for living beings?

I decided to join Kim’s challenge. All living things need water to live. Without water, one could only survive for a few days. Water is an integral part of every cell in our body, with almost 70% of the human body being water. It is the basis of all biological processes that make life possible. Water is the most important nutrient that must be introduced into the body, as it contains some of the essential minerals essential for life. Unfortunately, groundwater quality is deteriorating due to environmental pollution. The rainfall water washes various substances into the soil. These may also include harmful substances as a result of intensive agriculture (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers), densely populated areas and industries that can lead to the ingress of these substances into the soil.

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    Did you know that a person without water can survive for only 3 to 5 days?

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    Do you have water quality problems?

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Written by vidocka

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  1. Sadly our rivers and water ways have become polluted by pesticides, over crowding especially of cows.

    We desperately need to have them cleaned up.

    You don’t need fertilisers with cows a cow pat is an excellent fertiliser in it’s own right.

  2. Our city is running out of water , ground water is so low despite the rains. The government doesn’t really seem to implement any measures to save rain water, it is up to the individuals who don’t care . Another thing that annoys me is the amount of water people waste everyday washing their vehicles.

  3. Very nice and interesting post, dear Vidocka … water is really very important for survival but in some cases it is also very bad … just look at what floods are happening around the world and how much damage water does

  4. the issue of water is huge thank you for calling this out!

    1. water tables are shifting and that is dangerous.
    2. water systems (that deliver water to homes) in many countries 9including the US) are old. Some of them still have lead-lined pipes that have to be removed.

    The issue of freshwater is part of the reality of climate change as well. There are places that do not have clean water.

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