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The Sky Is Not In A Hurry ~ Sky Sunday

The sky was bright when I arrived home today. This is the face of the sky between the reeds that I took with the cellphone camera.

Actually, I want to show the face of the sky from another place very far from my house, the face of the sky in another province that I visited for a few days yesterday, unfortunately, I have forgotten to take the camera that I left with my youngest sister. She is still there with her husband while I have to go home first because there are things I need to do tomorrow Monday.

I think I have been in a hurry when packing for various reasons. Well, this is a good lesson for me, after all, it’s just lagging behind because I forgot and was in a hurry, not lost.

  • Have you ever lost something because you forgot about it?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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          • Well it’s hard to remember everything but I do tend to remember everyone who rewarded me and generally reward me so I always reward them… I also remember (as much as it can be remembered…) some posts that I noticed but couldn’t comment at the time… Also, I generally remember where I left off, approximately what I missed, just remember the page where it generally is…

          • (because I too kinda feel “debted” like you, even more than I should, but now I’m changing my tactics a little since I see other people are not like that and don’t care that much about such things…..)

        • Well, I understand what you think. I myself, as I often say, are only looking for fun from friendship here and don’t think too much about transactions or rewards as a result because that’s not what I’m looking for. Maybe this can sound like a hypocrite but that’s the truth. I like to write, and I am happy that someone is willing to read my writing, and I understand that in order for someone to read my writing, I also have to be willing to read other people’s writings.
          I know that not everyone replies to my activities on their posts but I don’t really care because I also know that everyone as a user has different reasons, interests, motives, and likes. But because of time constraints, in the end, I will only prioritize friends who prefer to interact, and that’s why I feel often in debt if I haven’t had time to visit.

          • Well, I don’t know why you interpret what I say That way but seems you interpret what I say the wrong – “only transaction” way which I actually didn’t mention here At ALL……… (rewarding also means “giving” something to someone)

            What I said was based on those same things you mentioned here….. – if someone is looking for a “friendship” and care only or Mostly about interactions then it is very weird if that someone actually doesn’t Interact much, right…..? (this is not meant to you personally but other users I’m talking about…) So, in can’t be looked at separately from $ rewards too, because they “kinda” come together, right…..?

          • I was talking about remembering all those people who were visiting AND rewarding me (it’s the same thing and time) and I don’t know why you all are actually looking at it only through money…..

          • (both are done at the same time so they can’t be separated actually…) while I actually was stalking about other people who post that much and not care about other people that much since obviously it’s earning they care the most about or they wouldn’t care only about their own posts…..!

          • that giving is also based on that person gave something to you, and you give much if you consider someone a “friend’ (no one is Real Friends here btw……….!!!!!!!)

          • I do care about earning too or I wouldn’t post here (but that is of course not the only reason which i won’t even explain…) but I, for example, comment now and not earning anything… Take a look and see how many people here does that….. (you will see not many…..! especially not those high in the ranks who post 2-5 posts a day…!)

        • Wow! You pour a lot of things here, dear friend. First, because you often visit my posts, I think you understand the essence of my post quite generally; esoteric things, spirituality, mysticism, duality, wisdom etc. Transactions are part of duality, and one of them is giving and receiving, as well as rewards and punishments. Transactional is our way of playing in this world of duality, which even though I try to limit myself to thinking, oriented and playing within that paradigm, still, it is inevitable. As I said, so that my writing is read by people, then I also have to be willing to read and comment on people’s writing, that’s the game and the consequences, but I never ask people to read or comment on my writing, in other words, I don’t “sell” my visit or comment so that people do the same thing. Not transactional or sincere is a paradigm that I want to hold firmly in a certain way, and I want to test my will or principle here, in Virily.

          So, I don’t interpret your comment as transactional but reveal a general tendency where the paradigm “If I give you then you also have to give to me”. You give me rewards because I also give to you, that’s what I feel as debt to others or you, and that’s our similarity, but I don’t put that position on others, I don’t expect people to feel in debt to me, and that’s their business. That’s what I mean by transactions, and that’s what I want to stay away from my mind.

          It is true, that visits and comments give me, us, some points that are worth $ but, again that is not my motive. IMHO, interaction is far more meaningful than 10-20 $ a month, apart from the “reality” that there is no true friendship here. I will not feel loss if I don’t get the 10-20 $ but I would be sad to lose the pleasure of interacting here. As an explanation, there are quite a lot of friends here (and from some similar platforms that have died), whether they are still active or non-active user here, they still always interact with me via email. We discuss their writing on certain social media or blogs (because I rarely show myself there), and of course, it is without Virils.

          So, I agree with you that it’s quite strange if someone is looking for “friendship” but doesn’t interact much.

          I’m glad we can understand each other better and don’t feel bothered, and hopefully, this can be understood as an explanation of my paradigm as a user and friend in Virily.

          • Yes, I know what you write about and those are some things I’m interested in, maybe not just that much as you are… I don’t know why you constantly interpret what I say the wrong way, like I’m talking about “transactions” and not some other things based on “being human”…

            I never look in the terms of “punishments”, at least it is not how I act (even though probably some people here do…!!!)… I even give when I’m not given until the other person’s behavior start to really hurt me, if my effort is not appreciated enough and similar….. (I do have in mind and understand when someone is not Able to do some things due to the having less time and similar, so we are not talking about that here…)

            Yes, such “transactions” are the way things work here…
            Who said Anything about “asking”….. (?!?) Yes, you do that but if people stop visiting you will you still do the same (at least in the same quantities)…..? – not sure…
            When I mind something to someone (or “ask”) that is for the reasons I wrote above – the human reasons…! I don’t know how you people constantly interpret the things the wrong way….. Yes, earning is also important, have its part there as the part “transactions” but not the Only reason…!

            Many people here “sell” but I also don’t see it as something bad… They only want their work to be seen, this is after all how things work here….. You have to visit in order to be visited, right…..?
            Also, I don’t think earning is something bad, if it was we would refuse all the received money, right…..?!! We are all here to earn, and like I already said, I’m fascinated how the ones that are the highest in the ranks and earn at least $10 EACH month (while it usually took me at least 2 months before for that same amount) are the ones constantly literally preaching about “interaction”, “being friends”, “being genuine” and similar things…..

            If I would be That sincere I probably wouldn’t even be on this site….. That kind of sincerity is for some other, Real things…, which also doesn’t mean things here are “less” sincere….. I prefer to look it as fun…..
            Also, it’s weird you now mentioning this while claiming something else when I asked/complained about honesty in the comments we exchanged in my article…

            Well, like I said, I don’t find it fair to do Much for others while they don’t do Anything for me, or just a little….. Especially if their main goal is to fill that Latest list with their posts and expect all of them to be visited and seen… Yes, that is how some of them do, like you have to Constantly give them, and give First, in order to receive just a little or nothing… And, yes, I will say that, always…..!

            My reasons here are different….. And I look at things the Fair way…..!!! And if I’m not fair towards others in the same way they are towards me for some of my personal reasons I feel bad too because of that even though I shouldn’t…..
            Yes, but that is your thing, I am not here for that, I don’t look for friends online, nor have been on such platforms almost never before (except 1 or 2) nor know those people even though I notice they are all the same on all those platforms but of course I do some things without Virils too….. And it’s very interesting how you all know each other from These platforms – that are Earning platforms….., it’s a surprise you haven’t met somewhere else, on some platforms that don’t pay for example………..!!!

            It’s not only interaction, 1 thing is to answer someone’s comment, but another thing is wanting to give something Back to someone who constantly gives you…..!

            I understand you but I don’t agree completely with you, I actually just find people be quite hypocritical….. When they were complaining people are not that genuine I tended to be more genuine, when I’m like that, they aren’t… So I think people here are just not aware of the fact that they too want to earn and that is nothing bad… Why would earning be something bad…?! How can anyone know why earning for example is important to someone, their reasons and similar…

            YOU are the one who started this theme about earnings here, why I only said how and why I found this post, HOW AND WHY I TRY TO REMEMBER OTHER PEOPLES POSTS, which was your main question…..! Such things fascinate me….. – YOU actually SAW something else in it, that wasn’t the point of my comments, and I’m actually wondering why if “earning is not your main reason” here…..!

            (not quarreling just pointing out…!!!)

          • PS I just don’t know how can giving something to someone because he previously gave you something can be interpreted as “asking”….. If you comment on my articles or whatever you do, and I’m not active, and open all your posts I missed when I become active (give more than I received, or the same if someone gave me that too, or even asked me to do something like that for them), how can that be “asking”… Of course, i do feel bad if those people don’t care and don’t give much in return so that will probably put me off of them and their posts so I will either give less or will continue to give because I like their posts or because once admired that person, considered her a “friend” or similar… A friend here isn’t a real friend but mutual respect and support, fair player, some connection if it exists – some people are dear to me in a way, some not, and similar…

          • The thing is I wouldn’t care that much about rewarding anyone that much if I didn’t think like I “have” to do such things for them because we mutually consider us “friends”, or that They Think or Consider me their friend so I “owe” them that… When I see that person actually doesn’t think of me that way TOO, and doesn’t care much about me the same way then I actually regret giving them and stop…

          • I also can not not notice how people interpret things I/other people say… Always seeing them as “asking” something or similar, where actually just projecting themselves and saying what and how They think, not that other person…..
            It’s funny how this thread turned into something I wasn’t talking about at all but it seems to me you kinda found yourself in it…..

          • …but yes, I was rewarding you too the same way…, because I would’ve felt bad if I wasn’t… There are simply people that I considered a “must”, a priority…, but that will certainly change depending on how much they are rewarding/giving to me too…..

          • also, exchanging this many comments/thoughts and spending that much time without any Viril earned while such people don’t consider me the way I do them will also be reduced…

          • …I mean I already do spend a lot of my time here rewarding as many posts and people I can, a lot of my time AND energy, much more than I should and actually have so…

          • Maybe I overreacted “a little” (:D 😀 😀 😀 :D) and maybe we didn’t understand each other about some things but I, Of Course, appreciate your visits/rewards/whatever you call it too….. (I hope you already knew that…..)

          • Sorry, I know I bored you, I even bored myself with this, but there is something that constantly bothers me… Not (only) by you but by all the people here….. Whenever I say “giving something in return” it is interpreted through money… I already explained here many things but I’m actually asking myself why I even wrote all of that instead of just writing the crucial point… (I often have problems expressing myself even though I use a lot of words…..! ;DDD :/| )
            The point is only on giving (which also of course includes giving virils too since they both come along together)… I just find it weird if/when you reward someone that that someone doesn’t feel the need to give something back, and the opposite – that is the whole thing about “selling” here why I don’t look at things like selling but exchanging giving… I hope it is a little more clear now….. That is just not natural to me, at least not here where we are also here to earn too, I mean it is included but we also do reward what we actually Like so it is not just money but both…

          • I hope it’s more clear now… I am “accused” all the time about talking about money while it’s actually that is how other people See it, maybe because I don’t express myself the right way… :/

            Ahhh, can’t talk about this anymore………………………………………………….! :|||

  1. Out of sight, out of mind!
    There was a time in my life when I traveled. I would leave Sunday night or Monday very early in the morning and return late Thursday or early Friday.

    I kept a suitcase packed so I wouldn’t forget the things I needed.

  2. It does not happen to me very often, but it happens. Three weeks ago I forgot my glasses at home. When I arrived at the job, I understood. Okay, the lady I work with has a diopter glasses collection. And I found some. The photo is very good. It is made from the bottom up. From Earth to Heaven.

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