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The joy of writing and sharing

“Why are you writing those posts”, – my husband asked me today. -“Do you earn so much that it worth writing?”

“Aha, for one or two bottles of good wine” – I laughed. 

Really, from the side, it may look silly to spend time on such sites as Virily. With our prices, the money I get here looks too tinny. But I love writing. 

This is like my blog: here I am lay down confused thoughts and vague desires. After all, there are days when we no longer know what to do with life: we may go to the wrong side, or we may have worked too hard and got stuck on the spot. And when we put our thoughts into sentences, we begin to understand who we are.

I am making mistakes not so rarely: I tell myself and others what life should be like, but sometimes I lose its sense myself. I am torturing myself of insignificant trifles and forget the stars over my head, I stop dreaming and dreaming at night colored dreams… 

But as I write the text, I slow down the pace, reordering my priorities: love and time with my dearest people, freedom to be as dreamed, the courage to change, responsibility for a miserable life. Don’t hurry, experience, feel.

When I open up the posts I wrote a year ago in my personal blog, I notice the changes that have taken place in myself – great psychoanalysis, not always gratifying, but useful. That alone is worth writing, and I wish you all that.

Here is my life for you, here is the joy of writing and sharing, and here I find the freedom to be imperfect and most importantly sincere.

© Fortune, 2019

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  1. I love to write and as I write i also learn a lot, I know I still have lots to learn about content and freelance writing but other kinds of writing like what I do here is coming along nicely, I have articles and poem saved up through the years and I will say in the beginning my heart was in the right place but my poetry was way off and my writing has slowly but surely improved through the years. The interesting thing that I remember when I started sometime about 2003 I was actually scared to read the comments thinking I was really bad at what I was doing,

  2. You are quite right – you wouldn’t do it for the money!

    OK – there are many reasons why one might want to write – everything from something to pass the time to achieving fame and fortune, and there really are no right or wrong answers. I write for different reasons at different times, though mainly it is for the satisfaction of having achieved something.

    On Virily, my aim is to score Virils and climb the greasy pole of the Members’ Ranks! I am currently at position 30, and would have been at 29 by now if the person above me was not moving at the same pace that I am!

    • Oh, you will surely achieve your goal, I do not doubt it. It would be not very true if everyone clam that they write just for expressing themselves or for pleasure. There are such countries in our world where even 10 -20 dollars is a significant amount of money for their living. I completely understand and support them.
      Just my case is different. I have a good-paying job outside. I can say, Virily is my hobby to pour out emotions, to scream out loud what does not fit inside. But I cannot claim it will always be going the same way. Who knows what life will bring us one day?

  3. To be honest, I did see your change here, dear friend. I also agree that we are here not just for one or two bottles of good wine but to share and get to know ourselves.
    Writing here helps me to unravel the density that is floating in my head, arranging what I care about and what I pay attention to, what I analyze and what I realize. And it was fun.

    • Yes, indeed. Earlier, I poured out my emotions in my personal blog, but now I have not much time for doing this, and I chose a way to do it here because it’s always more fun not only write but share your thoughts with others who agree with you or disagree. Exchanging our views and opinions help me to get to know myself even better, to notice my mistakes and weak sides. No matter how old we are, we still must move forward analyzing our life and trying to do it better for us and others. Thanks.

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