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Public pressure

Public pressure exists for both men and women. A man must be the richest, the most successful, the best, the most recognized, the glorious and the famous. For example, a woman must have children. And to be beautiful. And this is huge nonsense.

I think this is what the Western world is particularly suffering from. Very often people here do not want to be interesting and rich in their wisdom because they are repeatedly told that they need to have a luxury car or something else. This is the simplest form of marketing. And in general, there are endless perceptions of masculinity. As with femininity. And, at all, I don’t think the status of a man or a woman gives something to a man.

I think an adult smart person will never blame fate or other people for the circumstances of their lives, but rather think about what and how they should change to make it better for them. Responsibility towards oneself. Really, no one cares whether you are a beggar or spiritually bright like a lamp.

Even most famous people are dying, the world seems to be collapsing, but people continue to live and everyone cares about their lives. And that is fine and it is beautiful. Life is a gift we must rejoice in. Parents want you to be a medic. And you want to be an actor or a singer. Well, be that singer. But that freedom of choice comes with a huge responsibility.

It is more important not to become a true man or woman, but just to feel that you are living every day. And it is more important to take responsibility for your life – for your mistakes, your achievements, your successes, and failures.

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  1. I honestly believe that this mindset is changing – and a good thing too. Gender stereotyping is nothing like as fixed as it used to be – at least, that is my impression as a citizen of the United Kingdom!

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