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The Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Finally, it seems, that cat owners may just be onto something. Since, or cat friends are apparently actually providing us with more than just emotional comfort. Yes, your average house cat may essentially be significantly adding to your physical well-being with their soothing cat purrs!

A cat purrs within a frequency range of 20-140 Hertz, and as a direct result, any humans within range may be therapeutically stimulated by these vibrations.

Conditions, from lowering stress, Dyspnoea, heart attack, and even strengthening bones, and muscles, a cat’s purring can now be linked to.

According to Animal Planet, pet therapy is apparently gaining huge momentum in many countries. There is even sufficient scientific research that suggests that cat owners, in particular,  live longer than those without cats.

Our own felines it seems, have always had the ability to relieve us of our aches and pains, or at least make our worries seem less severe.

Pets and their owners have a bond that may never be fully understood, (cats, in particular, have always been seen as somewhat mysterious and magical and now they have healing powers?!) Whatever your views, just the notion, of having a furry “healer” around could add years to your life.

If you have read this post, and always wanted a kitten, and tried to convince Mom and Dad to let you get one, go show them this article and who knows, perhaps soon you can get them to stop at your local animal shelter to get one or two, they are the best kind, you know!

For existing cat owners, this seems like an awesome upgrade for your healing feline.

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