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Look Quickly! The Bengal Tiger Is Almost Gone…

Bengal Tigers used to roam across the length and breadth of India in the hundreds of thousands, although they were largely centered around the state of Bengal, hence the name Bengal tiger. They are the largest members of the cat family. 

However, over the last 100 years, three of eight tiger subspecies have become totally extinct, as the direct cause of trophy hunting sport and forest destruction which have reduced populations from many thousands of cats to fewer than 2,500 and are found in a sanctuary called Umaria. The most common tigers, the Bengal, living in India account for about fifty percent of all wild tigers on the planet.

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  1. Interesting comment Ghostwriter, thank you. As for the hunters, they are both sponsored and poached hunts. I really don’t know which ones were more to blame, much like the chicken and egg analogy. As for habitat, encroachment, and eradication of terrain I suppose, morally one ought to side with the less profuse/prolific, breeders on our planet. I don’t know. Because one species dominates another is due to many diverse factors as you know Ghostwriter. Sad to hear about the Indian lady but very happy to hear of her great courage in coping with such a hideous accident at such a tender age. Also thank you for caring for the downtrodden of our world, that sounds just so like I imagine you to be. Bless you and your loved ones over the festive days, Love from My Wife Daleen and I ????

  2. I am unclear on some of the facts. Is the trophy hunting sponsored or are they poaching? Do they have a breeding program at the sanctuary?

    One of the people I trained at work was from India and when she was three she was attacked by a tiger and lost her sight. She is an amazing person and now has a family of her own. She still doesn’t feel at all comfortable around animals.

    It is interesting how we all struggle for habitat.

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