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Here for those cat persons who adore them and even crave the closeness, those who can think of nothing more pleasant than to be sharing it with an adorable kitten snuggling nearby and gently purring them both to sleep but for whom that jy will forever remain a mystery as the closeness would in some cases lead to respiratory complications, and possibly even worse.

Adjust your laptop to full screen, turn up the volume and just enjoy a minute and forty second’s worth of joyous purring.

Enjoy the video, CLICK HERE

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    • Hi Rachael, All cat persons are psychics, don’t ask how or why they just are! Ask her, (your cat) why she doesn’t purr. The cat will tell you exactly why. Oh, yes, she will tell you for certain and you will hear her inside your head but here comes the tricky part, the one that 98% of people get wrong, you have to believe it washer speaking to you! Most call that imagination, the one word killer of miracles and dreams… BELIEVE IT