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The drafts issue – I think I know how to get it

As some of you know the “MORE”  is missing and with that so many features including the edit and drafts section.  

I gave it a try and it workd.  I saved the draft and then copied that link and stored in my local folder.  Today I opened that link and the draft opened. I published it today.  

Until Virily sorts out the issue I think this could be a way to save and publish  our drafts.  

  • Do you have any other way to get to your drafts?

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  1. Grace, can you write the url you used without the title of your own post in it, please? I have some posts that are already in drafts, and I’d like to have access to them, I think I remember some of the titles.

  2. I recreated those posts that were languishing in the draft folder as at that point in time I did not save those links in my locala folder.

    But you can save the links of fresh drafts. Just my thought. It was a success for me.

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