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The coronavirus is not the flu

Many people from around the world seem to have the notion that the coronavirus is like the flu during the Covid-19 outbreak.  This opinion was flouted again this past Tuesday by Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy.  You can see his comments by clicking on the link below.

Let us look at the current statistics to see if the coronavirus is really different from the flu.  At the time of this writing, the amount of people that have Covid-19 throughout the entire world is 1,484,811 and 88,538 have died from the coronavirus.  That puts the percentage at 5.96% of those who have died from complications due to Covid-19.

With the outbreak running concurrently with influenza, we can also take a look at the flu statistics.  According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the estimated amount of Americans that caught the flu during this current flu season was 55,000,000.  The amount of Americans that have died from influenza is estimated at 63,000.  These estimates are along the high range of probability.  That puts the percentage at .11%

Looking solely at the statistics, the coronavirus is 54 times more lethal than the flu.  Do not believe what people say.  Do the research for yourself.  If the coronavirus was the flu, then it would be called the flu.  Therefore, the coronavirus is not the flu.

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  1. It is not the flu at all. Yes, there have been those that died from the flu. From what I heard people are very very sick from this. They can get flu like symptoms but it is not the flu at all. It is worse. What makes me very sad is that here in Israel we have had Holocaust survivors that have survived the horror they experienced in the Holocaust then some have died from this virus. I know they were not young, but, they still had life left in them.

  2. I only trust the publications and direct involvement of the Spanish Government. There are already many provocative articles. I strictly adhere to the blockade. In the city where I live today we have only 50 people in hospital infected. There are no deaths. I do not believe that the blockade will end on April 26.

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