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Valet to President Trump tested positive by coronavirus

Yesterday morning, the news reported that the personal valet to USA President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19.  Personal valets are personal assistants to the President that do tasks like serve him meals or other menial tasks in close proximity to the President.

President Trump takes a test every day and has tested negative so far.  However, a person being this close to him means that the President should place himself in quarantine for the next couple of weeks to be fully sure that he does not catch the coronavirus.

Check out the video by clicking on this sentence.

  • Will President Trump contract the coronavirus?

    • 1Yes
    • 2No


What do you think?

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  1. I am not a gambling person, but I can say, YES. He will get it. And there is now a second person from the white house has tested positive. Everyone will end up by getting it here in the states, probably the world. I know four people myself included that have had it. Of course we havent been tested, since you cannot get the tests unless you are symptomatic and in need of medical care. There are many more positives out there, but since they say stay at home unless you need hospitalization, none of these people get tested.. The president will get it, his staff will get it, the white house is not immune, and he never wears a mask, called it a hoax and down played it. In that video they ask if he was at risk. He answered, that he hasnt come in close enough contact to this first person that got it. The valet. He said it twice in one sentence, we all know this is his tell for lying.

    • And we all know he will not follow his own protocol and will not go into quarantine. This is why he felt he had to lie about the close contact. He still doesnt get it. Its airborne. It stays on plastics for 3 days, cardboard 24 hours. I am pretty sure the people that have tested positive that were working in the white house breathed. Just sayin’!

      • I’m surprised that the entire White House has not been quarantined. Think about all of the people that have visited the White House over the past couple of weeks. This has spread all over again. Well, Boris Johnson didn’t do anything in the UK until he contracted it, so that’s the only hope for something to be done here in the USA.

  2. Wow. This whole conversation is a bit offensive to me. The total lack of respect is glaring. The reporter states “even the President isn’t immune”. No one is immune and I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone. I think a poll is a little unsavory guess who will or won’t get a deadly illness.


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