The best purchase ever!!

Banana is a staple diet for me.  I eat them every day but due to the lock-down vegetable shops had closed down and also shopping of line was reduced to the barest minimum

Today as luck would have it a van came by selling bananas and other items.  We grabbed the opportunity and did our purchase. 

It was a joy to see those bananas. 

Next, I would like to see fresh fish – not for me but for our dear pet cats

  • What food do you miss because of lock-down?

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  1. Our grocery stores are open and the 40,000 farmers still remaining from a total of 100,000 in 1994, prior to Nelson Mandela’s release from prison, for treason, in 1995, those who have not been murdered since have emigrated to other countries. The 40,000 remaining, are still managing to keep the 60, million alive, so far.


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