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Lock down : UK citizen surprise discovery.

Lock downs are under way in most countries to control the life-threatening epidemic of the Corona virus. One of them is the United Kingdom, where the country has been lock down for several days.

Citizens are not allowed to leave their homes unnecessarily, causing them to be locked in homes. In the meantime a British citizen dug a pit in the garden of his house to remove his boredom and and surprised to see a buried car in the pit.

John Breshaw, 40, bought the house in West Yorkshire, England, six months ago, and a few months later a lock down began in the country to stop the spread of the Corona virus. John Breshaw dug a pit in the garden and found the complete car inside, which surprised John.

John Breshaw, believes the car is a famous Ford 103E of 1955 and 1956 whose engine, door and number plate are still safe while its tires are missing. The British citizen believes that this car must be of the first owner of the house that has lived here for the past fifty years.

  • Was this the first surprise discover of lock down ?


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