My Photos Taken With Canon SX60 HS

I always wanted to get a DSLR camera to capture the moon. Having a smartphone with nice camera quality is not sufficient to capture such images. Yes, one can click still photos which are really good in quality but DSLR has really different in this.

DSLR and Smartphone

I used to think why someone will buy a DSLR camera if he/she can get a smartphone which will cost low than a DSLR camera. Gradually it is clear by using both together. Also, marketing strategy and the quality, because most people still do not know much about these (technology).

Clicking to the moon is important

When the camera was in my hand I was excited to click close shots of the moon. Canon SX60 HS is bridge camera, by the way.

I could not wait to fall the night and click some pictures, but I always forgot when the darkness appears. And usually, I used to focus on my posts and some vector arts. Well, I do have vector arts available online some are free and some are for sale.

Finally, a day came which is actually a night when realized, I have been wanted to click the picture in the night and experience the picture quality. I had finished all my work and walking for the fresh air, suddenly saw the full moon shining. I took my camera and tried to get some good shots. This time I came to know to focus and taking pictures is hard when you can not hold the camera properly and stop moving and also not to move during click/clicks. For this, you can get a tripod to make better shots and camera need to be fixed to focus properly.

Well, see my pictures which are not enough good but yes few are best. And I submitted those online for free uses. Copyright free photo websites, where you can download for almost any purposes.


What do you think?

Written by Morish


  1. Well, yes all photos here are those which I do not like, even rejected by the community.

    Some of these are not focused properly and few have noise.

    I have some of the good clicks which I have uploaded to stock websites, let’s see what will happen.

  2. It is all trial and error, you have to keep trying. I am always learning something new.
    Would love to have a banana tree in my yard. 🙂