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How long will remain the coronavirus's mental health impact?

Most people have been suffering from depression and anxiety since the lockdown was set up in several countries to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The main reason for the anxiety and depression in this situation is that we are locked in homes and the increasing number of casualties worldwide is making us more stressed.

Experts in this regard says, the effects on the mental health of the corona virus in people with self-isolation may be long-lasting. According to recent research that the corona virus has had a profound impact on people’s mental health.

Experts says it is proven that epidemic and pandemic have negative effects on mental health and cause depression in humans. Experts also say that after this situation, the adverse effects on mental health can be sustained for a long time while the incidence of domestic violence and child abuse may increase as mental health is affected.

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  1. Factor in unemployment and some of us are no longer paid till jobs are reopened. Trying to survive, seeing the number of deaths and infections, it sure will affect the mental state of many people.

  2. I now avoid going to different publications. There is some lies and speculation. Follows the official newsletter of the Spanish Government. We certainly will not walk as calmly as before Covid-19. Now we go in disguise as in a chemical accident or just as in such a war ..


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