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Top Ten Healthiest Foods in the World ~ BANANA

Day two of my Top Ten Healthiest Foods in the World Series. In case you missed my first post you can find it here:


Today I will talk about the #9 healthiest food in the world. You guess it, number nine is Banana.

I will also list the reasons they are healthy. Something to think about when you decide what you should be eating.


Health benefits of banana

  • The daily intake of bananas can reduce the chances of asthma.
  • The high level of Vitamin B-6 present in bananas can strengthen your nervous system and boost the production of white blood cells.
  • The fiber content in bananas helps to boost the digestion process.
  • As rich in potassium bananas can protect against stroke and heart attack.
  • The Vitamin C in bananas can prevent the formation of free radicals which leads to cancer.
  • Bananas can also boost your memory and protect against diarrhea.

*Allways remember everything is about moderation. Too much of anything is not good.

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  1. These posts are really great, dear Carol …. I really love bananas …. I used to eat one banana every day … now I’m just a little bit tired of it, I just still like to eat it just not so often


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