FAQs about coronavirus: Question #10

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Here is question #10 from the US Center of Disease Control (CDC) website.

Is there a treatment for the coronavirus (Covid-19)?

Unfortunately, there is no specific antiviral treatment for Covid-19.  That is why all of the medical people are telling you to stay away from people.  They do not want you to contract the disease.  If you have Covid-19, then you have to ride the coronavirus out.  Medical care can only help with relieving some of the symptoms, but there is not a type of treatment medical personnel can implement at this time.


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  1. Eating garlic and onions helps the immune system to be stronger. If you get the coronavirus you depend on your health to be ok or seriously sick so it is important to eat properly. 80 percent of infected people will only have mild symptoms. 14 percent will deliver a serious sickness and 6 percent of those infected will die.

      • Yes, it is said that zing helps a lot too. Oranges are good similarly. I have just published an article about the origin of this coronavirus, perhaps you find it interesting. Now, it has been revealed that some Spanish football teams do have problems paying salaries. Fútbol Club Barcelona for instance, and they have to take some measures to pay salaries as they do not have so much money since there are not football matches. They seem so big and rich and now they do not have money to pay salaries. Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona. Athletic Bilbao are some of these teams. It is very sad, if one day people decide to not go a football stadium some teams go bankrupt because players earn too much.

      • We walk our dogs at the end of the day. In Feb we saw 20, 25 people when we walked. Yesterday we saw 4 people in total.

        I think it is sinking in but you are right we are stubborn. I always tell people from Europe to consider Australia and the US differently than Europe. Send all the people you don’t want to two places, and then accept they are different now!

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