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I worry that people struggle with things that aren’t critical. One of the things I learned many years ago was the importance of systems. In particular, I was working with a Hospital in Chicago. The IT leader and I were sitting in his office, and he was detailing the importance of programs. “Will someone die if this machine isn’t working” it was a simple yes or no question.  It did, however, change how I viewed problems after that. If it isn’t a life-threatening or life-saving system, it is not critical. Based on that I’ve been posting both troubleshooting and expectation setting posts lately. Starting from that frame of reference, life or death systems,  it becomes much easier to troubleshoot problems.  Yesterday I posted a consider the variables post. I worry that people are too fast in our modern world to cast blame. To assume that their problem is wholly someone else’s issue.

I talked in my post yesterday about the number of variables. I wanted to push this a li tottle further and point out that I didn’t even start with many other user variables that can have an even greater impact. The reality of the impact of networks can be critical. For example, if you are on a saturated network segment, it changes how sites respond to you. It adds some variables to an already huge number. The age of the computer, type of processor and available memory also can cause a huge impact. Computers are smart, enough to not use bad memory and bad sectors on a hard drive. But if your hard drive is full or your memory if fully allocated the system has to use the bad memory as well. That is a huge variable.

I am reminded of an old proverb. A person struggled with their problems. They were more than the person could stand. They went to the village elders and said “I can no longer deal with my problems. They are far too hard, far too random and they cause me great pain.” The elders looked at each other, smiled, and then the head of the elder’s counsel said: “write your problems on a piece of paper.” As the person did that, the elders said to everyone else in the room. “Write your problems on a piece of paper as well.” The elders then said to the first person to “hand your problems to the person next to you, and they will hand you their problems.” The man smiled and passed his problems away, taking the problems of the person next to him. He read the problems and frowned. The elders asked “are these problems better?” they asked. “no” the man said. “they are worse.” The elders smiled “change with another person.” The person did, changing with everyone in the room eventually until finally, he smiled. “Are these problems acceptable to you?” The elders asked the person. “Yes,” the person said “I know these problems well. They are the ones I brought and the ones I will take with me.”

If you don’t own your problems, you are doomed always to seek a better path, and likely never find one.“

  • What frustrates you?

    • People that don’t listen?
    • People that always blame others for issues?
    • Both!
  • What is more important for you?

    • Posting here on Virily
    • The community here on virily
    • both

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. Very interesting thoughts & so pretty flowers!!! To my mind, the issues you’ve touched are quite complicated, also want to quote the proverb: “So many men, so many minds”. As for me, I prefer to consider problems from different sides and if possible to reject disturbing emotions. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

  2. It is no longer about the community for me. I tried that and got harassed and bullied. Now it is about responding to those who are respectful to each other and writing. If I don’t have a specific comment that can add to the conversation I often skip it. It’s kind of sad. I remember when I felt like it was a community.

    I do share the work of others, and I spend far less time here.

    Originally it felt like part of a team all working together for success. People helping each other, sharing ideas and asking questions used to be normal. Not so much now. It makes me very sad, and still I won’t tolerate bullies.

  3. Perty flowers, are those outside your front door? I had a white one.
    I also remember that old proverb another one my dad told me. He was always quoting something or other. Now play nice both of you.. smiles.

  4. It is a nice post and a beautiful photo indeed…, but the inspiration for writing it is wrong. I also think many problems are actually not the problems the way some other people see them… I also don’t like you took me as an inspiration to writing this, but it is your right… I also don’t like you understood me that personally. I also don’t like you commented your point (actually repeated it) under my reply to Gary, in my Conversation with Gary – that conversation is something I had the right to. I also don’t post on Virily just because of the community, I actually mind it becoming a community (of approx. only 5 regular users)… – at least that personal community…

    • I also can understand you always have to be right but if I’m discussing something with Gary, and you have the need to repeat something you already stated to me personally like 5 times till now, then….. You don’t have rights over other people’s conversations nor over this site.

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